Here you can find the applicable Romanian legislation for Public-Private Partnerships.

G.D. no. 536/2014

HOTARARE nr. 536 din 26 iunie 2014 privind organizarea si functionarea Departamentului pentru Investitii Straine si Parteneriat Public-Privat (la data 21-ian-2015 Actul modificat de Art. I, punctul 1. din Hotarirea 22/2015 ) In temeiul art. 108 din Constitutia Romaniei, republicata, si al art. 1 alin. (3) din Ordonanta de urgenta a Guvernului nr. 11/2014 privind …

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G.E.O. no. 88/2013

on the adoption of fiscal-budgetary measures for the fulfilment of agreed commitments with the international bodies, as well as for the modification and completion of normative acts.

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Government Decision no. 7/2013 on the organization and functioning of the Department for infrastructure projects and foreign investment

  Hotărâre nr. 7/2013 din 09/01/2013 Publicat in Monitorul Oficial, Partea I nr. 33 din 15/01/2013 Actul a intrat in vigoare la data de 15 ianuarie 2013   Hotărâre privind organizarea şi funcţionarea Departamentului pentru proiecte de infrastructură şi investiţii străine     În temeiul art. 108 din Constituţia României, republicată, şi al art. 16 alin. (9) …

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Decision no. 1239 from December 8, 2010

Decision no. 1239 from December 8, 2010 on approving Methodological Norms for the application of public private partnership Law no.178/2010, and for the approval of several measures concerning the reorganization of the Central Unit for the Coordination of Public-Private Partnership within the Ministry of Public Finance, amended and supplemented by the Government Decision no. 1000 …

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