Quote of the week
There are many advantages to public-private partnerships: various solutions for private financing of public projects, costs reduction for central and local authorities, usage of private know-how and management in public projects, or the increased efficiency in project development.”



Here you can find the applicable Romanian legislation for Public-Private Partnerships.

Government Emenergy Ordinance no. 39/2018

regarding the Public-Private Partnership. Read more

Government Decision no. 357/2018

approving the list of strategic investment projects to be prepared and awarded in public-private partnership by the National Strategy and Forecasting Commission. Read more

Government Ordinance no. 22/2007

on the organization and functioning of the National Prognosis Commission Read more

Government Emergency Ordinance no. 88 / 2013

on the adoption of fiscal-budgetary measures for the fulfillment of agreed commitments with the international bodies, as well as for the modification and completion of normative acts. Read more