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There are many advantages to public-private partnerships: various solutions for private financing of public projects, costs reduction for central and local authorities, usage of private know-how and management in public projects, or the increased efficiency in project development.”

About us


VASS Lawyers is one of the most dynamic law firms on the Romanian legal market, offering its clients professional and competitive services in the fields of public procurement, public-private partnerships, companies, employment, competition, real estate transactions, commercial contracts, immigration and litigation & arbitration. VASS Lawyers won the appreciation of its competencies in the fields of public procurement and competition from the international forums. We gained this reputation in only three years since VASS Lawyers was founded and such performance could only be achieved thanks to our great team formed of lawyers with more than ten years’ experience in legal advice and a thorough understanding of the clients’ interests.

Thus, between 2010-2013, VASS Lawyers was declared “The Public Procurement Advisory Firm of the Year in Romania” by Corporate Intl Magazine Global Award, ACQ Country Awards and AvocatNet. Also, the legal firm and its Managing Partner, Iulia Vass, is recommended by the the guide of world’s top lawyers, Global Law Experts, for the Public Procurement field in Romania.

Moreover, in 2013, Legal 500, the independent legal directory well known for its international rankings of the best law firms in the world, appointed us as a top law firm in the field of public procurement and public-private partnerships in Romania and recommended us as “Boutique firm specialised in public procurement law with ‘profound theoretical and practical expertise’. The team advised a leading oil company on its tender for a €260m utilities services contract. It also handles procurement disputes. Managing partner Iulia Vass is ‘an excellent and reliable lawyer’.”

VASS Lawyers team permanently informs its clients on relevant legislation news in Romania and assists them with specialized consultancy services, at a national and European level, through partnerships concluded with other law firms. Besides the blog dedicated to Public-Private Partnerships, the firm also publishes a blog dedicated exclusively to public procurement  – www.avocat-achizitii-publice.ro.

The blog is moderated by:

Iulia Vass

Iulia is founding Managing Partner of VASS Lawyers and is acknowledged as one of the Romanian leading experts in public procurement and public-private partnerships. Prior to setting up VASS Lawyers, Iulia was head of the Public Procurement Department of a highly respected law firm in Bucharest. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Bucharest Law School and a Master’s degree in International Relations – Conflict Analysis and Resolution from the National School of Political Studies and Public Administration.Iulia successfully coordinated complex public procurement and PPP projects in the utilities sector, infrastructure, mass-media, constructions, IT or environment, advising economic operators as well as contracting authorities in the intricate process of organizing and/or participating to award procedures or the setting up of PPPs. Iulia has also an extensive experience in representing clients before CNSC and the competent courts in public procurement litigations.Furthermore, she is specialized in commercial contracts, one of her major projects involving the block purchase of fixed assets within the patrimony of a Romanian company in bankruptcy by the largest manufacturer of seamless steel pipes and tubes in India (a 6.210.000 EUR transaction).Last but not least, Iulia counseled national and multinational companies specialized in infrastructure, seamless steel manufacturing or technology in relation to various employment aspects.In the last 5 years, Iulia has written and spoken widely on public procurement and public-private partnerships, having an extensive publishing activity and also being a constant presence at national and international conferences in the field.Iulia is recommended by Global Law Experts, the the guide of world’s top lawyers, for the Public Procurement field in Romania. Moreover, in 2013, Legal 500, the independent legal directory well known for its international rankings of the best law firms in the world, appointed Iulia as ‘an excellent and reliable lawyer’.”

Bianca Bello

Bianca joined VASS Lawyers as a Senior Associate, after being member of the Public Procurement Department of one of the most renowned law firms in Romania. Bianca holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Bucharest, Law School and a Bachelor’s degree from the Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne University, French-Romanian Law College of European Studies.In 2008, Bianca obtained a Master’s degree in Business Law from the University of Bucharest, Law School.Bianca has a significant experience in competition and state aid, one of her major projects being the implementation by an embassy in Romania of an EEA member state of the projects financed through a cooperation programme, in compliance with the state aid legislation. Bianca also advised a major national company in the field of postal services during an investigation set off by the Competition Council.Moreover, Bianca was involved in complex and high-value public procurement projects. She advised contracting authorities and economic operators on the organization of and participation to award procedures of public procurement contracts and the challenge of the decisions of contracting authorities. Last but not least, Bianca counseled clients with regard to the drafting, negotiation, conclusion and execution of commercial and civil contracts.Bianca’s professional experience is completed by the publishing of a wide range of articles and the participation to various national conferences.
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