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There are many advantages to public-private partnerships: various solutions for private financing of public projects, costs reduction for central and local authorities, usage of private know-how and management in public projects, or the increased efficiency in project development.”
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January 15 2013

The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Public Procurement 2013 (5th Edition) – VASS Lawyers


VASS Lawyers was invited by the prestigious international publication International Comparative Legal Guide to write and publish in the volume “Public Procurement 2013 – A practical cross-border insight into public procurement” the section on public procurement system in Romania.

The volume also includes information on legislation and functioning of public procurement system in countries such as Argentina, Australia, USA, Brazil, England, France, Belgium, Austria, Japan, Norway, Turkey or Hungary.

The presentation of the public procurement system in Romania was written in October 2012, considering the legislation in force at that time.

The content is in English and can be studied [ here ] or [ here ].

Author: VASS Lawyers Team

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