Legal Guide Public Procurement & Public Private Partnerships

We understand the importance of public procurement projects and public private partnerships in the development of both Romanian and foreign companies. In this context, we aim to present those interested in the public procurement procedures in Romania a guide that offers a comprehensive overview of the public procurement legislation.

The guide was drafted by the public procurement team within VASS Lawyers, based on our extensive experience in this field. However, the guide was not intended to provide legal assistance and consultancy, but rather basic information and knowledge for anyone interested in tendering for public procurement contracts in Romania.

Considering the fact that public procurement legislation is constantly changing, we underline the fact that the guide is based on the legislation in force on 24th of November 2014. The guide will be revised and updated on our website – and on our public private partnership blog – – where you can access new information about this field.

Download the brochure here:
Legal Guide Romania_Public Procurement and PPP

Public procurement & PPP

We advise our clients on public procurement, utilities, concessions and PPP projects, in all phases of the tendering process and contract implementation.