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Public-private partnership: the paradox of a state that harms even when it wishes to do good (an interview with the magazine Avocatnet)

Can you explain in a few words how the PPP mechanism works? Law no. 178/2010, the legislative act establishing the public-private partnership in Romania resulted from the increasingly intense need of such a contractual formula. If the contractual PPP (e.g. concessions agreement) was regulated by G.E.O. no. 34/2006, the institutional PPP, that involves the participation …

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Press Review: Sep 3 – Sep 9

September 9th, 2012, ECONOMISTUL Public-private an innovative communication solution read more…   September 7th, 2012, GAZETA DE NORD-VEST Pillars for the Satu Mare tourism development read more…   September 6th, 2012, IMPACT EC Oltenia is an planning an own eco investment read more…   September 6th, 2012, BOTOSANEANUL Mayor wants restoration of the theater summer …

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Public procurement & PPP

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