Public-Private Partnership; Oliviu Puie (2011)

The volume entitled “Public-Private Partnership” is the first monograph that explores in pass4sure C4040-121 detail and interdisciplinary the in fashion matter of public-private partnership as a means of more effective management of public assets and services, both from the perspective of new regulations in the field established by Law no. 178/2010 and GEO no. 39/2011 and context of prior special regulations effective, that regulate the concluding of certain types of contracts as public-private partnerships.

The book “Public-Private Partnership” is divided into chapters pass4sure 140-420 and sections, following the logical sequence of a scientific endeavor, including the national and EU level regulations, legal conceptualization – omnis definition periculosa est – of the terms used by the law, principles underlying public-private partnership, the pre-award stages, appeals of the administrative acts of public partners in the preceding stages, public-private partnership contract, features and legal nature of public-private partnership contract, termination of public-private partnership contract and, in the end, the complex issue of litigation on public-private partnership contract.

Author: Oliviu Puie

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