Press Review: Apr 30 – May 6

May 2nd, 2012, SUEDIA.SE

Ursital Swedes Negotiate with Galati City Hall for Building a Garbage-based Power Plant
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May 3rd, 2012, EVENIMENTUL

Bulgaria Looks for a Private Investor for the Romania-Turkey Highway
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May 3rd, 2012, COMUNITATE

Rovana Plumb, at Craiova, for Balta Craiovitei
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May 4th, 2012, CITY NEWS

A3, Ready in Three or Four Years
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May 4th, 2012, ZIARE.COM

Ponta’s Governing Programme
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May 5th, 2012, COTIDIANUL

Oprescu: The University Parking Lot Finalized in a Few Weeks
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