PPP INTENTIONS (ideas, propositions) of the contracting authorities


Str. Gh. Sincai nr. 46, CP 430311, Baia Mare, jud. Maramures

PPP Responsible :
Florin Coste Madaras
Councillor of the President’s Cabinet
Tel.: 0262 212.110
Fax: 0262 213.945

1.Road tunnel undercrossing Gutai Mountains. The estimated value of the project is 92 million Euro and it represents the building of  a 4,330 meters long tunnel. The project’s objective is to develop the road network in the North-West of Romania.

2. Developing and modernization of Baia Mare airport – reaching a traffic of 150 people per hour, increasing the amount of cargo transported to 100 tonnes / hour and upgrading the existing track. The estimated value of the project is 44 million Euro.

3. Concrete bridge over the river Tisa and the road infrastructure with the connecting border point crossing the Sighetu Marmatiei – Slatina (Slotvino) Ukraine – improving the accessibility in the border region of Maramures, Zakarpattia-Frankwisk. The estimated value of the project is 11 million Euro.

4. Shooting Poligon in Upper Tautii.



Str. Apolodor, Nr.17, sector 5, Bucuresti

PPP Responsible:
Simona Maya Teodoroiu
State Secretary
Tel: 037 204 1999
E-mail: relatiipublice@just.ro

1. Building and management of prisons.

2. Integrated Information System of Electronic Access to Justice (IISEAJ), which will provide the justice seekers the possibility to submit documents to pending causes electronically and also to accomplish procedural acts, as much as possible in an electronic format. The estimated value of the project is 20 mil. Euro.



Piata 1848, nr. 16, Blaj, Romania, jud. Alba

PPP Responsible:
Stefanescu Sergiu
Tel: +40 258 711 714
Fax: +40 258 710 014
E-mail: sergiustefanescu@yahoo.com

“Photovoltaic Park /Solar farm” – the resulted electrical power will provide public lighting and energy consumption in public institutions and the surplus will be used in the national energy system on the open market. The land area where the park will be built is 9 ha. Estimated value of project: 4.3 million Euro.



Str. Ion Luca Caragiale nr.2A, 820098, Tulcea, jud. Tulcea

PPP Responsible:
Andreea Sevastian
Inspector within the external financing projects management office
Tel: 0240 532 950, 0240 523 500.
Fax : 0240 532 959, 0240 523 500.
E-mail: sit@primaria-tulcea.ro

1. Modernizing the fleet of passenger transport in the city of Tulcea by purchasing environmentally friendly vehicles for public transport.

2. High-efficiency cogeneration plant in Tulcea. This project would contribute to strengthening the institutional capacity and to ensuring an efficient public management.

3. Rehabilitation of Bidida camp and swimming pool.



Piata Independentei, nr.1, 810210, Braila, jud. Braila

PPP Responsible:
Ivanciu Diana
Head of the UMMSCUP Service within the Technical Direction

Tel:0239 694 947
Fax: 0239 692 394
E-mail: pmbraila@pmb.braila.astral.ro

1. The development of the Sweet Lake leisure District (setting of the lake, racecourse, housing, recreational facilities).

2. Construction of the Bridge over the Danube (there already exists a feasibility study).

3. Creating a regional hospital.

4. Development of sports and recreational areas for all sports (swimming, athletics, handball, football, volleyball, sport climbing and aqua-park spaces).

5. Building an Industrial Park within the Free Zone.

6. Creating a business incubator.

7. Construction of docks for economic development and recreational activities in the port area of the city.

8. Developing an eco-efficient public street lighting system.

9. Developing a environmentally-friendly public local transport system.

10. Modernizing  the water supply and sewerage system.



Str. A.I.CUZA nr. 41, 715200, Dorohoi, jud. Botosani

PPP Responsible:
Catalin Ilasi
Chief Architect
Tel:  0231610133
Fax: 0231611310
E-mail: primariadorohoi@primariadorohoi.ro

Neuro-motory rehabilitation clinic, ambulatory care.



Calea Dunarii, nr. 58, Rosiorii de Vede, jud. Teleorman

PPP Responsible:
Munteanu Mihaela

Senior Advisor within the Public Procurement Department
Tel: 0247 466 250, Fax: 0247 466 141
E-mail: postmaster@primariarosioriidevede.ro

Creating a recreation area in the Vedea forest on a plot of 3 hectares.

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