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There are many advantages to public-private partnerships: various solutions for private financing of public projects, costs reduction for central and local authorities, usage of private know-how and management in public projects, or the increased efficiency in project development.”
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May 5 2013

PPP Opportunities (Launched projects)


Str. Eroilor nr. 7, 800119, Galati, jud. Galati

PPP Responsible:
Laura-Delia Angheluta
CEO of Regional Development Direction
Tel: 0236 417 222, 0236 411 099
Fax: 0236 460 703
E-mail: conducere@cjgalati.ro, consiliu@xnet.ro

By Decision no. 178 as of 31 October 2012 the opportunity to start a PPP project aimed at constructing, equipping and operation of a hospital that offers complete medical services in the county of Galati and in the surrounding counties was approved.


Str. Gh. Sincai nr. 46, CP 430311, Baia Mare, jud. Maramures

PPP Responsible:
Florin Coste Madaras
Councillor of the President’s Cabinet
Tel.: 0262 212.110
Fax: 0262 213.945

By Decision no. 65 as of 19 April 2012 the opportunity to start a PPP project that aims to building a road tunnel undercrossing the Gutai Mountains was approved. The estimated value of the project is 92 million Euro and it represents the building of a 4,330 meters long tunnel. The project objective is to develop the road network in the North-West of Romania.


Piata 1848, no. 16, Blaj,  Alba, Romania, 

PPP Responsible:
Stefanescu Sergiu
Tel: +40 258 711 714
Fax: +40 258 710 014
E-mail: sergiustefanescu@yahoo.com

By Decision no. 259 as of 23 October 2012 the opportunity to start a PPP project to achieve a “Park photovoltaic/solar farm” on an area of ​​9 hectares was approved. The estimated value of the project is 3.4 million Euro.The resulted electrical power will provide public lighting and energy consumption in public institutions and the surplus will be used in the national energy system on the open market. The land area where the park will be built is 9 ha. Estimated value of project: 4.3 million Euro.

Independentei st., no.2
335200 – Brad, Hunedoara Romania

PPP Responsible:
Public procurement expert
Tel: +40 0254 612 665, int. public procurement
Fax: +40 0254 612 669
E-mail: bradprim@yahoo.com

By Decision no. 169 as of 28 December 2012 the opportunity to start a PPP project to achieve a “Ensuring thermal power project through a Public-Private Partnership” was approved. By reducing the price of the Gcal, significant savings are achieved for the City Hall hall budget. These savings will be used to rehabilitate the transport of thermal energy and for the thermal rehabilitation of buildings. The new boiler will produce heat for hot water consumption throughout the year, resulting in improvement of the living conditions of the inhabitants of the municipality of Brad. Estimated value of the investment is 18 million Euro.

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