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There are many advantages to public-private partnerships: various solutions for private financing of public projects, costs reduction for central and local authorities, usage of private know-how and management in public projects, or the increased efficiency in project development.”
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May 8 2012

A new occupation in COR: Expert/specialist in Public-Private Partnership


The Order no. 177/2012 issued by the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection amending and supplementing the Classification of Occupations in Romania (COR) – level of occupation (six characters), approved by Order of the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection and of the president of the National Institute of Statistics no. 1832/856/2011 was published in the Official Journal no. 128 issued on February 22nd 2012.

In the List of the new occupations in the Economic field was included, inter alia, the occupation of:

  • Expert/ specialist in Public-Private Partnership (code 242221).

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